Every week I write a big blog-style newsletter, the “Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)”.

In this newsletter, which currently is sent to more than 8000 subscribers every week, I have one section that is called “This Is ODD!!” where I write about things that strike me as odd and strange.

Often there are things in the world of politics that I find odd, but because the newsletter is about free events in Dublin, I usually don’t write about my opinion of Irish (and other) politics toooo often.

However, I am extremely interested in politics and Irish politics is often very odd! So, this new blog will be my outlet. Sometimes a valve to let off steam, other times a critical assessment and other times again, it will describe what I would do if I were in charge. :-)

Let me know if you like what you read. Let me know as well if you don’t, but just to stress one thing: This is MY opinion and you are absolutely free to disagree, but it will still be my opinion. :-)