Last night’s first TV Debate on TV3 was interesting and at the same time boring. Boring because there was nothing new, but I wouldn’t really have expected any new revelations. I found it surprising how calm, cool and competent the two participants came across.

Micheal Martin from Fianna FailĀ  and Eamonn Gilmore from Labour had their first boxing match. Vincent Brown from TV3 didn’t shine in his usual way, but just kept the two combatants under control.

Enda Kenny from Fine Gael refused to attend the debate and I think it was a bad decision. TV3 (and the two combatants) just ignored that, which was a lot smarter than having an empty chair there as initially mooted.

Did it change my opinion about either of the candidates? Well, Gilmore and Martin didn’t embarrass themselves, so that is a good start. I have even less trust in Kenny than before, but neither of the two who did face each other blew me away. I would call it a draw!

I might add more to this later this evening, if I get a chance, so check back if you get a chance. :-)