The European Court of Justice has decided today that men and women are equal and therefore an insurance is not allowed to offer different rates/premiums based on the gender of the insured. RTE News

What does that mean? It means that the car insurance premiums for women will go up and MAYBE the premiums for men will go down. But what else does it mean? It is only a matter of time when an 18 year old driver will go to the European Court of Justice to claim that his is discriminated on age grounds because he has to pay more than a 55 year old and while he has a point, it means that the insurance premiums for the majority of drivers will go up to subsidise the ones that are a higher risk.

Are we taking “equality” too far? We ARE different and it is wrong to think that we are all the same.  To pick just ONE example: As long as I can’t be a mother (being male), we are NOT the same and therefore equality in ALL aspects of life doesn’t make sense.