Last year Dublintown pushed the Christmas Market at St. Stephen’s Green in a big way and with massive goals.

I quote “Dublin’s first city centre traditional Christmas market expected to attract an additional 600,000 visitors and generate up to EUR 20 million in revenue for Dublin businesses, creating 150 seasonal jobs.” and I remember even reading that Dublin will in a few years be a top Christmas market destination for tourists.

Well, it didn’t happen! Traders were very unhappy with the market, but on top of that it didn’t attract the masses and it certainly wasn’t a Christmas market any Christmas market expert would write home about. So many things were done wrongly! The location was wrong, the stall selection was wrong, the food business was the wrong one. I could go on and on. (Maybe I should provide my services as Christmas Market Consultant! ;-) Dublin needs one!)

Yesterday Dublintown sent out their Press Release regarding Christmas 2015 and there is no word about a Christmas market in it.

The mess that the Luas work causes doesn’t help at or near St. Stephen’s Green , but Dublintown (which is the trader organisation for Dublin) didn’t listen to Samuel Beckett who said “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” The experiment last year failed (to a degree), but it would be better to improve it than to give up, at least Mr Beckett thought so!