Due to some random coincidences, you were created by your parents. It could have easily happened that no child or a different child had been created at that time, but it was you! Wherever you are born/grew up is also random! Sure, there might be logical or explainable conditions that influenced it, but in the bigger picture it was a coincidence and that’s why I would call “random”.

Depending where you grew up, you might or might not celebrate Christmas and even if you celebrate Christmas, depending on where you (or your parents) grew up, you might or might not believe that there is a Santa Claus.

I never knew about Santa Claus until I was at least 15 years of age and he never brought me any presents. Instead it was the Christchild (Christkindel) that brought the presents! Like most of you I celebrate the start of the new year on 01 January and the next year is the 2016th in my world. But if you are Chinese or Russian or many other nationalities, then the year starts on a completely different day or has a different number. How random!

They are all relatively harmless randomnesses, but think about this:

Due to coincidences both of my parents are catholic and as a consequence of them, I also became a catholic. Neither me not my parents decided to chose one religion over another because we thought it is “better” or “righter”, no, it was total randomness. If I had been born to Indian parents, I might be Hindu or if I had been born to Arab parents, I probably would be a Muslim.

So with that in mind, it is a total coincidence what religion you belong to (if you still “belong” to the religion of your parents and haven’t changed it on the way). Yet, people of some religions feel superior or “righter” when they compare themselves to people of another religion. We even judge other human beings based on such a random coincidence? For example: “Christian good? Muslim bad?”

For 2016, we should all become more aware of the randomness in life and base our judgement on acts/deeds/decisions that a person takes, not on the coincidental religion of their parents or grandparents!