At some point in life we learned that if we form strong alliances and work in a team, we are stronger than if we fight against each other. And we also should have learned by now that hostility against people that grew up or live somewhere else than we do, is not cool at all.

So, who was the smart cookie, that came up with this amazingly clever idea to create “Dublin Northside Attractions” as a separate tourist entity with their own website at As tiny as Dublin is and as close as Northside and Southside are, it is totally nonsensical, bordering on idiotic, to artificially create further a divide than we need to. I am not convinced that Failte Ireland or Dublin Tourism had that idea, but they are certainly endorsing it according to the website.

So, the Northside Attractions seem to think they are something better OR they think they are inferior. (These are typically the drivers for the creation of gangs! And there is no organisation or website for “Dublin Southside Attractions” at the moment.) We don’t know why, though.

But if you start your own gang, there is one important element to consider: You have to be ruthless and rigorous in the application of the rules, otherwise your inverse-discrimination doesn’t work.

And that is where the next idiocy comes in: One outsider attraction that was accepted in the “Dublin Northside Attractions” gang is the Guinness Storehouse in the Liberties! Northside? Not at all!

So why did they break their own rules and accept a Southside attraction in their midst? Well, because it is the most popular attraction in Dublin and gangs always want the popular kid in their own gang, not in the enemy gang.

Narrow-minded nonsense!