Every week, I am checking about 400 events to find the 180-220 free events that then make it into the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events). Where an organiser sells tickets, they know how many tickets they can sell and they stop when the event is sold out.

For organisers of free events, things are a lot more tricky! You have NO idea how many people will come to your event. It could result in an empty room or you could have so many people that you have to send some away. Neither of the two scenarios is ideal, BUT most event organisers understandably rather have a full room than an empty room. When they expect or hope for a busy/full event, they often write “No booking required, however places are limited, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.” or “Places are limited and early arrival is strongly recommended.” or something similar.

Sure we get that if you are there before everyone else, you will get a seat while late comers might be sent away, but if you suggest to EVERYONE to come early, would that not just create the exactly same situation as if everyone came on time or came late?

So in my opinion it is a silly and nonsensical statement. Yes, it should be stated that places are limited because then you know that you might be sent away if the venue is full, but the “come early to avoid disappointment” is totally unnecessary. By the way, you will have never read this unnecessary statement in the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events). ;-) I apply a nonsense filter before I include any information. :-P