The plans for College Green have been revealed. The intention is to pedestrianise the whole College Green area from Starbucks in Dame Street to the Westin Hotel in Westmoreland Street and up to Grafton Street. Suffolk Street is also becoming a car free zone. This is a HUGE area in the middle of the city and that has some pros and some cons.

The plus sides are that for the first time, Dublin will get a major civic space in the middle of the city centre and I really hope that that will be the new site for a completely new Christmas Market for Dublin and will also give opportunity to have other markets and events in that area.

But there are downsides for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The downside for motorists is clear, but the new issues for pedestrians and cyclists might need a bit more of an explanation. Usually cyclists are banned from pedestrianised areas and while there are short cycling lanes reaching into the main pedestrianised area, it most likely will still mean that you have to get off your bike and push it for some distance before you are allowed to continue your trip and since this is one of the main North-South routes, that doesn’t seem to be a good options. Complete cycling paths that allow to traverse the entire pedestrianised zone should be provided.

For pedestrians such cycling paths are a problem because it de-pedestrianises the zone BUT much worse is that busses, the LUAS and possibly even Taxis (completely unacceptable!) are still allowed to drive throughout the so-called “pedestrianised” zone. Either all or nothing is my opinion and wile we can’t divert the LUAS, busses and definitely taxis should NOT be allowed to drive through in my opinion.

Can you imagine the line of hundreds of taxis that will try to drive through that area in the hope to pick up passengers? And they are prepared to stop at any point at any time, ignorant to busses and the LUAS trying to get through.

If you have different opinions or even share my opinions, you are asked to submit your view on the proposed solution.

You have until 24 May and all details are here: