I got my Electricity Bill this week and discovered a table on the back of the page that identifies how the electricity is generated. The table says that in Ireland 34.5% of the electricity is made from renewable energy sources, the rest id from Natural Gas, Coal and Peat. Unfortunately the ESB only uses 19.4% from renewable energy sources.

On the same day I discovered this video on Facebook www.facebook.com/greenpeace.international/videos/10153896061433300/ It is a video by Greenpeace that says that from 07-11 May Portugal powered the entire country solely from renewable energy. And in 2016 until now, about 75% of the energy was from renewable sources (Solar, wind and hydro). It continues to say that in Germany 87% of the electricity on 08 May was from renewables. And in the UK Solar power beat coal generated power for one day.

Looks like Ireland – and especially the ESB – will have a LOT of catching up to do!!