Publishing the Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) means that occasionally I experience exceptional behaviour of people. (This is the most politically correct way I can describe it.) And this is a story that emerged from that spare-time activity of mine:

Some weeks ago I saw on Social Media that a sizeable event that is happening this weekend had seemingly some event for media to tell them about the event. I didn’t know any details because no details were shared with me. So I contacted the marketing person to suggest to keep the Dublin Event Guide informed as well.

At first I got a mail telling me that they would happily do that the next time they inform the media, but then the next day I got a phone call from the marketing person in which he firstly “interrogated” me about the relative importance of the Dublin Event Guide for his event and after declaring that he will only invite real journalists (he measures that through membership in the Journalist Union NUJ) he wanted to start an argument about who would qualify to be informed and who wouldn’t.

This is just silly!! Every organiser can invite or not invite whoever they want to whatever informational event they run or not. But if there are people offering to spread the word about your event, it is just nonsensical to try to start an argument about their importance or not.

When I tried to say that him and after repeated interruptions, he said in a huff that he would send on any press releases but that he would not provide any other information. WTF!? Is he trying trying to market an event or not? Needless to say that no Press Release was ever sent to me.

That is Event Marketing the odd way!! ;-)