A week ago, the free local newspaper Dublin People ran a story about the “Plan to end discharge of sewage off Rush coast is progressing” and to say that I was shocked when I read that headline would be a big understatement, I was speechless, appalled and outraged!! And I STILL can’t believe that in 2016 the filthy practice of dumping untreated sewage in the sea continues and will still continue for at least another two years!!

I know that Ireland dirtied our environment that way MUCH longer than it should have, but I thought that during the good years when money was nearly abundant, the filthy practice of sewage dumping had been stopped and that all communities had been equipped with sewage treatment plans. And now I realise that this is probably MUCH worse than this article indicates. If Rush, a village so close to the capital of a European country is such a dirt bag in 2016, then there will probably be MANY more remote places that do the same.

I grew up in a smallish village (half the size of Rush!) in Germany and I remember visiting the local sewage treatment plan when I was in Primary School and that is a long long time away!! And that time that local sewage treatment plan wasn’t new or recent by any means but had been there for many years. Yes, I also know that at that time and still for many years after Ireland was shockingly poor and would have never reached today’s infrastructural level without a huge amount of subsidies from the EU. So everything took a good bit longer, but for god’s sake, this is 2016 and we are still pumping our shite (literally!!) in the sea!?!

What incompetent local or national government has screwed up so much that it took such a long time to make these first steps! And it will take another two years before anything changes!

Useless and incompetent politicians and local authorities!!!