Every week I write about many great events that the public libraries in Dublin run. And they really do great work! Only about 1.5 years ago I got my library card and since then I am positively surprised about the range of eBooks and Audiobooks the libraries provide. So they are definitely trying to keep up with developments.

BUT there is one area where the Libraries show that they couldn’t be further behind if they tried to:

If about 15 years ago someone had asked you for your phone number you naturally would have given a landline number. (A what?? I Know! :-) ) And you would have said that your number is 2801234, for example. But now, 15 years later, you probably would say that your number is 01-2801234. Right? What happened in the meantime is that mobile phones always require the area code to ring a landline number. Companies also would ALWAYS include the area code in their phone number EVEN if they only have customers in Dublin because they expect that many would ring from their mobile phone.

There is only on organisation that steadfastly had refused to add area codes to their phone numbers even on today’s websites: The public libraries in Dublin! See here for example!

But something happened even in the Libraries!! With the very recent information overhaul on the website NEARLY all phone numbers were changed and got even the international dialing code added.But it happened less than 3 months ago!

So even the libraries have no caught up. Better late than never! ;-)