Last Wednesday (21 June) was the hottest day of the year, when Met Eireann measured 28.6 degrees in Phoenix Park. The whole week, or 5 consecutive days, was 5 degrees warmer than normal and if that happens, it is called a heatwave. For me, it was just a nice warm summer week. because summer temperatures for me START at 20 degrees. But if you are used to the cool 16-18 degrees that Ireland normally gets at this time of the year and if your thermostat is set to that low level, than you were probably melting in the current weather.

Gerard Fleming, the head of forecasting in Met Eireann explained that the last time such a heatwave hit Ireland was 40 years ago, So will it take another 40 years until we have a proper and nice week of summer again?

Unfortunately the heatwave came to an end for now and there is no promise and certainly no guarantee that there will be another one soon. But wasn’t it great while it lasted!?

By the way, did you know what the highest ever temperature was in Ireland? On 26 June 1887 the temperature of 33.3 degrees was measured in Kilkenny. 33.3! That’s not a lot at all. Where I am from in Germany (not Spain, or Italy or Morocco. ;-) ) this is a NORMAL summer temperature!