A few years ago, Ryanair realised (with some surprise!) that being nice and customer friendly has positive effect on their business. But it seems this realisation came to an end.

Last week I flew on a Ryanair flight and Something substantial has been changed: In the past, two or more people checking in together were usually put next to each other EVEN if they didn’t pay the EUR 4 for seat reservation.

Now, Ryanair will intentionally place people apart!! If you travel on a short flight with a friend or your partner, this might be a little annoying and certainly will leave NO warm feeling towards Ryanair, but you will survive. But if you travel with kids, it is now extremely likely that you will be separated from your kids during the flight.

A German journalist asked Ryanair for a statement and they CLAIMED that nothing had changed, but on the flight the journalist was on 3 couples were separated and I flew last week ans despite being No 54 to check in (so there were plenty of seats still available) Ryanair assigned seats in different rows.

Back to their old customer unfriendly behaviour just to make a relatively small amount of money? Typical Ryanair!