Yesterday morning (08 Dec 2017) it was agreed that there should not be a Hard Border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit. Nobody has a clue yet how to achieve that because it looks as if this either means that Northern Ireland has to partially leave the UK OR that the UK will NOT leave the Single Market and the EU Customs Union despite their eagerness to do so. Nevertheless, the declaration was made and everyone on either side celebrates it as a big achievement (Theresa May, the EU, Leo Varadkar and the DUP in NI) even if nothing is clear until further negotiations will take place.

And here is the curious aspect: This happened EXACTLY on the day (!!) 95 years after Northern Ireland came into existence. Northern Ireland declared on 08 Dec 1922 that they would opt out of being part of the Irish Free State (the precursor of the Irish Republic) and this created Northern Ireland as a self-standing political entity.

History is fascinating!