As you know, I didn’t grow up in Ireland and never lived in the countryside, maybe that is the reason why I don’t get Supermacs?

They announced the creation of 400 jobs (Great!) and the opening of six (!) more outlets, which will bring the number of outlets in Ireland to a whopping 114! That is a great achievement, but I just don’t get how and why. Now I have to admit that I only once ate in Supermacs, so what is it that gets people excited about them?

To me, they seem like an odd mush-up of McDonalds, KFC, Subway and your local (Italian) chipper and I then wonder if it is a “Jack of all trades and master of none” scenario or if their food is better than the one from the mentioned competitors.Why would you go to Supermacs and not go to the others?

Three (!!) stores will open in Cork, and the others are in Balbriggan Co Dublin, Donegal town and Naas, Co Kildare. So maybe only country (especially from Cork) people get it? ;-)