OMG! What has our world come to? A gentleman was traveling on the DART from Lansdowne Road to Dun Laoghaire and he bought a ticket at the ticket machine. The ticket was EUR 2.70 and he had only a EUR 20 note. So he put the money in the machine and the machine gave him a ticket AND gave him the CORRECT amount of money back. But that didn’t please this gentleman and he had to make a video clip to complain about ….. the fact that the machine gave him the correct amount of money in COINS. What a HORRIBLE and UPSETTING experience!! :-O

The gentlemen was not just anybody, no, it was Conor McGregor’s father and I guess that is one of the reasons why it got picked up by a number of people and then also made it into some media channels. Someone also grabbed the video and made it available for all of us on YouTube so that we can have a laugh or a head-shake about the tough tough life that McGregor’s dad has to endure.

Oh, you wonder WHY getting coins back was a problem? Well, didn’t you know that he wears a “slim-fit, hand-fitted, Hugo Boss suit”, so where in god’s name would he room for coins??

Life is sooooo tough for some!!