“Dodgey” means “Something or someone that is a bit suspicious, doesn’t seem quite right. Doesn’t seem the real deal.”

It was said for a long time and most people outside of his constituency would have agreed that TD Michael Lowry is probably not fit for office and it now is official that his behaviour when he was a minister was at least dodgey:
Second and final report of the Moriarty Tribunal into the business dealings of Charles Haughey and former communications minister Michael Lowry has been published

This is not the first time that he was tainted by his actions. In 1996 he had to step down as a minister because he got a business man (Ben Dunne) to pay for paint his house and this business man was probably looking for a favour.

In other countries behaviour like that is often called CORRUPTION.

Shockingly, though, the people in Tipperary North, in Lowry’s constituency, live on a different planet. In the recent elections, he was voted into the Dail again with a massive majority.

As long as dodgey politicians get and/or CAN get re-elected, there is something seriously wrong with the political system in Ireland.

Update: It actually seems that Lowry is even more dodgey than initially thought: Lowry rent bid ‘profoundly corrupt’