With the massive Earth Quake in Japan and the explosion of probably 3 of 4 nuclear reactors in Fukushima, local issues are put into perspective! Video footage of the Tsunami is leaving you speechless about the power of this wave and the dangerous situation in Fukushima is definitely worrying. To be honest, I expect that what we are told about the situation in the power plant is not even close to the real status.

We know that Block 1 and 3 definitely blew up, but we are told it is only the outer building that got totally damaged. Allegedly the core reactor building that is made of steel did not get damaged.

Imagine this: There is a “room” in which an explosive gas is produced. Some of the gas gets out of the room and in that moment explodes and blows up the house around the room with a big bang. …but the room is allegedly not damaged?? This is extremely unlikely!

It seems as well that Block 2 is already damaged as well and only now the details are emerging.

We probably don’t know 10% of the total truth.