Last week I got an e-mail from “Barr.kalu paul” and he wrote:


I’m kalu paul,a lawyer in Cotonou, Benin Republic,late Mr.Joerg Slivkanich,a gold merchant who was my client, died as a result of lung cancer without a will, now I want to present your name to late Mr. Joerg,bank so the money left behind by late Mr. Joerg , can be transferred to your account through my help.The amount of U.S.$ 10.5 million deposited in a local bank here,by late Mr. Joerg before his death on November 23, 2012, I need your information so that I can show you the bank as next of kin to Late Mr.Joerg for further process.Please provide name and full address,your age, profession and position,address,email not mail.ur and mobile number for contact purposes,Please reply via personal e-mail,so I will send more details of Mr.Joerg you need to know:
Barr.kalu paul

So, there you have it! I am rich!!! 10.5mio!? Nice one! :-)

We all get these idiotic mails. The senders send thousands or hundred thousands and sending a mail doesn’t cost a cent to the sender, so if one or two naive people fall for it, they are already making a profit. But I am shocked about the poor quality of the letter. Maybe the dodgy English and punctuation is meant to make it sound authentic?

The most interesting thing is how they try to create a link to me. My name is Joerg Steegmueller and the person that died was called Joerg Slivkanich, so we MUST be related! Don’t you think!? ;-) But to be honest, it looks as if they just took the part before the @ in the e-mail address and used it with a “Mr.” in front of it. Oddly, however, not to refer to me, but to refer to the dead person who left all the money for me. Imagine my e-mail was or something like that. ;-) It would then read “now I want to present your name to late Mr. Smartass,bank”. LOL

There are really some stupid Scammers out there. ;-)