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The end of 1890 numbers! – Good riddance!

The end of 1890 numbers! – Good riddance!

Hurray, one big user of 1890 numbers has stopped using them! The Irish Revenue commissioner loved 1890 numbers and it was difficult sometimes to find the geographical (and cheaper) number, but now they completely stopped using them. A great day for customer service.

Many people don’t know the 1890 “scam”, so let me explain:
Many many moons ago when we still had landlines, the phone companies came up with a marketing solution for companies that wanted to provide a better customer service. If a company used a 1890 number then they would pay for part of the call cost and the caller would pay a lower and capped price. Telecom Eireann/Eircom/eir called these numbers “LoCall” numbers and back in the days this was actually correct, But then came mobile phone companies along and in their greed, they ignored the LoCall idea and instead charged a surcharge. :-O For reasons I will never understand, the telecommunications regulator ComReg didn’t stop the mobile phone companies from scamming the customers. But it got worse! When mobile phone companies introduced inclusive minutes, calls to 1890 numbers were not taken out of that minute budget and still cost a surcharge.
So if you can avoid them, NEVER use 1890 numbers and tell companies that still use them that they had good intention, but are hurting their customers now. NOBODY should use 1890 numbers anymore!

Other numbers to avoid: 1850, 076, 0818 and all 15x numbers. Always look for numbers beginning with a geographical code like “01” etc.

One of the biggest Boxing Fights … or just a scam?

One of the biggest Boxing Fights … or just a scam?

On Saturday night/Sunday morning at around 05:00 a boxing fight will happen that is seen by some as the biggest boxing fight of the last 100 years or maybe of the boxing sport ever and for others it is just a big scam!

Your opinion probably depends on who you support McGregor, Mayweather or neither of the two and how much you have looked into the fight.

One thing is (quite) certain, there will be two human beings who will bash each others head in for their OWN enrichment. This is not an Ireland vs USA fight and it is also not a fight of Mayweather against McGregor or of MMA against the Boxing sport. It is also not a fight where either Floyd Mayweather OR Conor McGregor will win. No, the fight is a show that will make both opponents and their management a LOT richer than they are at the moment. McGregor is expected to get about 100mio and Mayweather will probably get from 300-400mio. Yes, the association of ringside physicians is VERY worried about the fight and severe damage of one or both opponents is possible, but I guess that’s not much different than at other fights and both seem to be happy to sacrifice their health for that crazy amount of money.

Cleverly they have created a hype that will make a huge amount of dosh for both and I would say they both don’t care that much about who will win. McGregor can always claim that this is not really his sport as a MMA fighter and he will double or treble his net worth with this one fight in the process and Mayweather can always blame his age as he is long retired and just came back for this one fight. He has about 25m to pay to the tax authorities, so the 300m will help with that. :-)

So all this weighs down on the “scam” side of the argument.

What about the two opponents? They both come across like egocentric, arrogant, brain-dead a**holes, but McGregor’s idiotic behaviour at the press conferences, his constant swearing and his seemingly out-of-control fits make him the much less likeable fighter.
Surprisingly though he seems to have a lot of support in Ireland and the UK if the press conferences are anything to go by, but I am not sure he cares. Maybe it is because he is the definite underdog but apart from that he has done nothing to endear himself to his fans as far as I can see. For me he represents the negativity of our society. He might be super smart and very clever but he hides that so well behind his insane posturing and peacocking that we have to wonder if maybe his smartness is the facade and not the insanity?

There are two camps in Ireland at the moment it seems. There are the people who LOVE McGregor and want him to win to “f*ck the Mayweathers”. And then there are the others who think the little wannabe McGregor should be taught a lesson and get a nice beating.
Both sides clearly fell for the facade and pretense that surrounds this whole fight and both sides are needed to drive sales and to get the opponents to laugh their way to the bank.

So in the end it seems the audience is being scammed and the two opponents are the really smart ones. Like at WWE (World Wrestling), we are the real dupes. Makes you wonder if maybe the outcome of the fight is also staged and – like in WWE – already known to the opponents?

I am rich! I am told! – Spam E-Mails and intelligence

I am rich! I am told! – Spam E-Mails and intelligence

Last week I got an e-mail from “Barr.kalu paul” and he wrote:


I’m kalu paul,a lawyer in Cotonou, Benin Republic,late Mr.Joerg Slivkanich,a gold merchant who was my client, died as a result of lung cancer without a will, now I want to present your name to late Mr. Joerg,bank so the money left behind by late Mr. Joerg , can be transferred to your account through my help.The amount of U.S.$ 10.5 million deposited in a local bank here,by late Mr. Joerg before his death on November 23, 2012, I need your information so that I can show you the bank as next of kin to Late Mr.Joerg for further process.Please provide name and full address,your age, profession and position,address,email not mail.ur and mobile number for contact purposes,Please reply via personal e-mail,so I will send more details of Mr.Joerg you need to know:
Barr.kalu paul

So, there you have it! I am rich!!! 10.5mio!? Nice one! :-)

We all get these idiotic mails. The senders send thousands or hundred thousands and sending a mail doesn’t cost a cent to the sender, so if one or two naive people fall for it, they are already making a profit. But I am shocked about the poor quality of the letter. Maybe the dodgy English and punctuation is meant to make it sound authentic?

The most interesting thing is how they try to create a link to me. My name is Joerg Steegmueller and the person that died was called Joerg Slivkanich, so we MUST be related! Don’t you think!? ;-) But to be honest, it looks as if they just took the part before the @ in the e-mail address and used it with a “Mr.” in front of it. Oddly, however, not to refer to me, but to refer to the dead person who left all the money for me. Imagine my e-mail was or something like that. ;-) It would then read “now I want to present your name to late Mr. Smartass,bank”. LOL

There are really some stupid Scammers out there. ;-)

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