Have you seen the big Irish Life posters everywhere in town that promise free Multi-Trip Travel Insurance? Sounds interesting, right? Well, I was an Aviva health insurance customer and when Irish Life took over the Aviva health insurance business I became an Irish Life health insurance customer. I wasn’t asked, that just happened, but I could have changed it afterwards if I had wanted to.

My renewal was in October and the price that they quoted me for the renewal was EUR 5 more per month than before, but I think I am on a good plan, so I stayed with them.

When I saw that Irish Life health insurance customers will get Free Travel Insurance, that sounded really good and I was impressed by the company’s care for me. ;-) But then I checked it out and found a different picture.

Yes, there is free Travel insurance, but ONLY for people that renew or move to Irish Life in January or February. If you are already a customer and if your renewal date is by coincidence outside of the time frame of January+February, then suddenly Irish Life is not in the slightest interested in giving you a free Travel Insurance. Not even for half the time or for a quarter of the time. No, you are told to f*** off with your wish to be rewarded in the same way for being with the company as the people that renews in Jan or Feb.

I find it shocking that companies do stuff like that! Why? Well, what do you think I (and probably many others) feel now? I had a good feeling about Irish Life when I heard about and saw the MANY posters of the free travel insurance. The company really went up a few notches in my judgement. But imagine how I feel now after finding out that I am not worthy of getting this bonus because my renewal date is 80 days outside the bracket? My opinion about Irish Life didn’t just drop to where it was before, but it went FAR below my previous opinion and consequently I am now determined to look for another insurer as soon as my renewal date comes up. If a company has customers, they always should reward loyalty at least as highly as new business and in this case, they should find SOME sort of an arrangement for all customers independent from your renewal date.

Stupid move, Irish Life!