So what are you? Are you below average or above average? Before you drop your self-esteem to the floor, let me tell you that without a doubt there are areas in your life or personality where you are well above average, but there might also be some areas where you are blow average. We are multifaceted, so there is give and take and lots of areas where we can shine.

When it comes to numbers, however, the truth is sometimes much bitterer. About two weeks ago I found an article that specified what the average salary in Ireland is. And this average for full time workers stands at EUR 45,611. That is a good bit higher than I had expected and I know that many people WISHED they were just average i.e. not far below average! (If part time workers are considered, then the average salary is EUR 36,519.) Clearly crazily high salaries in some sectors distort the average number quite a bit.

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