Coke Zero is gone and Just Eat will arrive as the new sponsor of the Dublinbikes. New ad stickers will be put on the bikes and the website will change and Dublin City will call it differently, but nobody in their right mind ever called the bikes any different than “Dublinbikes” and the new sponsor will not change anything about that either.

The advertisement contract will be for three years and while the amount that Just Eat will pay has not been released, we can assume that it is probably in the region of 2 mio.

There are currently nearly 69,000 subscribers at a yearly fee of EUR 25, a budget of 1.725 mio and if the advertisement costs 2mio, there is a total amount of 3.7mio available, which seems like a LOT of money! At the end of the summer there will be 116 bike stations with a total of 1600 bikes