I was surprised reading that because a “Seawater Bath” is not the thing that I would have expected to open for business in cold February. Well and then there also is the big question if a sea water swimming pool makes sense at any time in Ireland. But David Cullen (Publican, Hotelier and owner of Seafield Hotel and Spa in Co. Wexford and of Turk’s Head in Dublin) is clearly of a different opinion.

He is leasing the baths for EUR 25k per year from Dublin City and has invested a whopping amount of 2.4mio in renovating the baths. And if you still question his sanity, I can tell you that he is not relying on the attractiveness and weather-compatibility of the baths alone, but a possibly bigger attraction and revenue generator is the fact that he has a pub license for the building that is next to he baths and where he will run a bar and restaurant. So even if nobody will ever enter the water, he will have a business.

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