I never thought I would write a “This is Odd!” piece about bread, but this week’s events certainly warrant a story about odd behaviour and bread and more,

When this week the end of the world was announced because there could be a storm and snow, people went into panic mode. The Red weather alarm is flagged up the second time. The first time, Dublin wasn’t really hit by Storm Ophelia in the way it was predicted and the snow and “live-threatening Blizzard conditions” this time? I wouldn’t say it was a RED condition, but, hey, I am no expert on bad weather.

Back to the bread though: As soon as Yellow and then Red warnings were announced, people RUSHED to super markets and bought bread like there will be no tomorrow. First it was only bread, but then it also spread to ALL sorts of meat and eggs (!!) and bananas!

Interestingly, the tins and pasta and all other durable foods, that are normally suggested for disaster preparation, weren’t in the same demand. It either suggests that people were not thinking OR that they didn’t really expect the weather apocalypse to last THAT long. The “not thinking” part refers to the quite short shelf life of bread. Unless you freeze it (Just lop it into a bucket in the backyard in weather like this!?) you will not enjoy the bread for long. But there is also the other question WHY do they all want to eat sooooo much bread? I don’t eat that much bread, so I wouldn’t know, but do people think that bread is the most important nutritional item in the home? They MIGHT not be able to buy it for one or two days. If they consequently buy three loafs to make up for it, does that mean they buy bread normally EVERY single day? Wow!

I think the best “get rich quick” scheme in Ireland might be to open a bakery! ;-)