The reported on Thursday that former Taoiseach Enda Kenny will receive the “European Movement Ireland’s European of the Year Award” and he is getting that prize “for his work in building Ireland’s relationship with Europe throughout some of the most challenging circumstances in our recent history”.

The allows people to comment on news and while it was a big mistake to remove the thumbs down option on these comments, the commenting sometimes gives an interesting insight in people’s thoughts AND there are some hilarious (and some stupid) commenters active on the platform so that it is often worth a read.

The comments to this message were mainly surprise, incredulity and ridicule for Enda Kenny and the prize givers, but most commenters missed the main point…or were somewhat mislead by

Since the headline read “European of the Year”, most would initially think that he was voted the most European person from all over Europe of the Year, but that is not the case. The “European Movement Ireland” only looked at Irish people (or people in Ireland) and that means the list would be VERY short, so it is really the “Irish European of the Year” award. Now suddenly we are not surprised anymore that Kenny got the prize. If you can only choose between a couple of people, then EVEN an Enda Kenny can win a prize! :-O He wouldn’t have a chance otherwise.