Weather happens, no matter if we like it or not. But Met Eireann seems to be panicked easily and then panics the whole population.

Germany has very hot days and there are regularly VERY severe thunderstorms with dramatic lightning, torrential downpours and hailstones. I was there during the week and the newspapers reported from some locations in the northern half of Germany that had up to 150 litres of rain per square meter. With basements flooded, a shopping centre 1.5m under water etc. Serious stuff! But I never heard that there was an orange or red or yellow weather warning. And even if there had been one, it wouldn’t have stopped the weather.

In Ireland it is different, we have a weather warning. Then we panic and then nothing happens. Again and again and again. On Friday, Met Eireann issued a Status Orange weather warning for heavy rain in 16 counties of Ireland, including Dublin. A third of the torrential downpour from Germany (only 50mm) was expected and nothing happened (at least in Dublin.

Is it not time to overhaul and correct this silly weather warning system that we have at the moment? There is nothing wrong in forecasting bad weather but “crying Wolf” all the time and being totally wrong after an exaggerated warning is not helpful to anyone.