You heard that it is expected that the LUAS interconnect building work will begin at some stage this year? And that for a long long time, Stephen’s Green, Dawson Street, Kildare Street, College Green, Westmoreland Street, D’Olier Street, O’Connell Street and Marlborough Street will be dug up/building sites/a mess!? For the LUAS work last time it took YEARS and shops and pubs closed down because customers stayed away.

Now it has announced that the Grafton Street “revamp” will also get underway soon. From July until November 2014 the paving in Grafton Street will be replaced. The (I think) nice red paving will be replaced with grey granite stones. It is a pity, I find, as Grafton Street looks a lot nicer than the new look that will be like Henry Street. The paving in Grafton Street needs some repair, but I am not sure if it will be NICER afterwards. Either way, the impact will be huge! Did you read that? 2014!?!?!?!! Ok, they are taking a break for 8 weeks over Christmas and New Year, but 15 months to re-pave a street???

And the other impressive part: The closures of Dublin Castle, Farmleigh House, the Museum of Modern Art and now Grafton Street de- and re-construction all happen during that oh, so important year for tourism? Inviting people to come to a building site!? You call it “Gathering”!