In 2016 a relatively large amount of celebrities died. There was David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, George Michael, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher and many others that unfortunately left us in this year. Some died of illnesses other of other health reasons and others again because they had reached the age where their bodies decided to pack it in.

Importantly there was absolutely no link between the deaths, but oddly many Twitter and Facebook users and even some “news websites” tried to “blame” 2016 on it. With common statements after another death like “2016 you can f*ck right off” and similar.

Yes, it was a relatively large amount and there are good reasons for it, but the reactions were just nonsensical bordering on stupid.

If people switched their brains on and thought for a second, they would realise a number of things:
+ We know a much higher number of “celebrities” than any generations before us. That has to do with the Internet, with our global media outlets and with the fact that it is a lot easier to become a “celebrity” in the last 20-40 years than ever before.
+ Many of the celebrities we grew up with are – surprisingly – ageing like us. So if we get older then they also get older. With increasing age the risk of illnesses increases and – oddly – the risk of death is much higher for old people than for young people.

What does that mean? It means that the dying will continue! 2017 will probably see a similar high number of deaths. When will it end? When the end has reached us! I know that sounds brutal, but I see it happening with my parents, for example. They are at a funeral for people that they knew well during their life nearly every week and bit by bit, the friends and family get thinned out and you feel the unavoidable end coming closer and closer.

A very morbid tone for the last This is Odd in 2016? Yes, it is dealing with death, but it is something we will all need to deal with at some stage and stupid statements like “Stop that 2016!” are not facing up to facts about life.

So how should we react? The best approach is always to appreciate the fact that the people that pass away have been with us. To remind ourselves what nice memories we have and to accept that life is terminal. Only that way you can properly deal with it. Grieving is fine, even for someone that you have never met. Some celebrities, like George Michael, really were part of some of our lives. So keep the memories and stop the blaming on a year or other non-related entities and circumstances.