RTE has reported that a number of Irish record shops will be open from Midnight on Thursday 02 March so that people can by the newest record by Ed Sheeran IMMEDIATELY when it is released.

WTF? It is ridiculous enough that Apple Stores open at midnight when a new iPhone is released considering that you could just stay in bed until the next morning and then leisurely stroll into your Apple Store and buy it at a time when normal people buy stuff. But ok, we know that Apple fan boys and girls need to tell their friends that they were there first.

That “virus” has now spread to Ed Sheeran fans? Apparently his fans are called “Sheerios”. (Not sure though if it is a flock of Sheerios or a herd of Sheerios or a gaggle of Sheerios that will be in Tower Records on Thursday night.)

Sure there is nothing wrong with being a big fan and there is also nothing wrong with shopping at midnight (I have been in Tesco myself around that time when many Tesco’s in Ireland were still open 24hrs.) but the mad run or queueing for something that is NOT scarce and will be plentiful in shops on the next day, just seems odd.