It is a good and a bad sign that the Public Transport system in Dublin is reaching max. capacity. Darts are packed, Busses are full and Luas trams need to be extended to deal with the amount of customers that want to use the systems. This is what the creators of Public Transport want. This is what they created all car traffic limitations for! But when it happens, then there is panic because nobody seems to have a “Next Step” plan in place. Dart platforms have been extended to the maximum. Busses are passing by bus stops without stopping and there is currently no plan to buy/use/deploy more busses on the busy routes and for the Luas the only way to deal with it is to extend the trams so much that now they don’t fit into our streets anymore. :-O reports that the new 55m long Luas is too long for O’Connell Bridge and therefore blocks traffic when its back is sticking out. But the longer trams are needed to accommodate all customers.

What will we do when all three systems are overcrowded?