I am an unapologetic supporter of the European idea. It makes 100% sense that smaller nations get together and form a bigger and more powerful union to deal with global challenges. But 51% in the UK thought differently and because of this small majority most politicians in Europe are occupied with that Brexit thing instead of with the solution of REAL problems and issues. In the UK it seems that NOTHING else is happening than discussions about and political resignations over Brexit.

No, Brexit doesn’t make sense, neither on a global political level nor on a strategic level (together we are stronger), but older Brits outside of London seemingly thought that “Make Britain Great Again” would be a desirable goal and after months and months of reading about backstops and the Northern Irish border and idiots like Boris Johnson and the inability (even complete lack of attempt) of the pro-Brexit side in the UK to come up with a workable solution for a separation, I am getting fed up with that Brexit nonsense.

Especially after reading the very pro-Brexit and totally anti-Ireland comments as a response to journalist Gaven Reilly’s Tweet on Thursday here twitter.com/gavreilly/status/1019636060001918980 I thought that the best approach might be to just let them go quickly (or alternatively kick them out of the EU fast) and then let them see what mess it will cause. Just F off, Britain! :-S

I do not believe that it will be a possibility to find a border-free scenario between Northern Ireland and Ireland that will be agreeable on all sides. Instead I think we will have to deal with the fact that – for a while at least – there will be a border again between the two countries as it was between other countries in Europe before the Schengen agreement. That is not ideal, but we just have to live with it. It shouldn’t be the biggest problem!

Sure, there are lots more unresolved issues, but do we really want to give a Johnson and Rees-Moog so much power that they tell WHOLE Europe what we have to focus on? Just GO!