With surprise I read about a new “problem” in this world. It is the fear of having a phone conversation. The reasons can be manifold. Maybe the information you have to pass on is bad news, or you are concerned that the person you talk to would put you on the sport and you don’t know how to answer a question, or your communication partner is just toooo chatty.

I am on the phone a LOT, due to work, but also for private calls, but after reading about the fear of phone conversations in a German publication, I realised that there are some people that I hardly EVER talk to on the phone. Facebook Messenger and What’s App are the only means we use to communicate with each other. :-O

Are we hiding behind all these messaging apps?

I am not sure if the term Telephonephobia has been used yet for this new type of aversion of using the phone, but it definitely has the danger to become a bit of a problem. A few minutes of a call will create a closer bond with the other person AND will speed up the communication hugely. Have you ever tried to arrange a meeting with someone on messaging platforms only? It can be a pain in the backside to make all arrangements and usually takes a lot longer than a quick call.

So I am in favour of using the phone to TALK to people again. ;-) Who is with me?