Do you also have a Fruit Fly problem this year? I never realised it before, but this year, it seems that even if there is no fruit around, the fruit flies just don’t want to disappear. I even put up one of these ugly looking yellow sticky tapes to get rid of the fruit flies, but they are now so smart that they don’t land on it anymore.

And oddly many other people mentioned it on Facebook or in conversation.

Now, I have to admit that this little common fruit fly, which is officially called Drosophila Melanogaster, fascinates me to a degree, because it is used a LOT for research. EIGHT Nobel prizes have been awarded for research using Drosophila!! :-)

But you know, their lifetime is typically just 10 days and still, they just don’t diappear. Did they enhance their lifetime by mutation? Or now eat other food stuff, so that even the total removal of all fruit won’t get rid of them? Puzzling!!!

If you want to learn more about this annoying and at the same time fascinating animal, have a read here