Dundrum Town Centre Parking – Daylight Robbery

There are many out-of-town shopping centres around Dublin. There is Liffey Valley, Blanchardstown, a little further away Kildare Village and there is the Dundrum Town Centre.

Dundrum always wanted to be something different, something better. Posher, more expensive, “better” shops. But in the end it is just a shopping centre … and not a lifestyle choice.

The newest idea to be different seems to be to charge outrageous parking charges. Well, that is one day of being different, but definitely not a way to be better.

Currently NONE of the other out of town shopping centres charge a cent for parking, but Dundrum always did. However the charges were moderate-ish. Now Dundrum is owned by new owners because they went through Nama and were sold in the middle of last year and the new owners seemingly want to get their money back through a huge increase in parking charges. No free parking, no discounts for people that shop for longer, nothing. They want a EUR 3 rate per hour.

But customers are slowly getting together to declare their opposition. There is a new Facebook Group now and you can find the “NO to EUR 3” Facebook Page here: goo.gl/eMP1IK . Support the Page if you think EUR 3 is too much and if you don’t want other shopping centres to get crazy ideas!